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Explore different tracking mechanics in AR to get inspired.

Face Targets

Face tracking is capable of precise mapping of the human face and overlaying CG content and used in variety of application in beauty and entertainment industries

World Effects

The technology that makes augmented reality experiences more lifelike and immersive. It uses light estimation to make virtual objects look realistic in their surroundings, while also enabling users to detect surfaces around them with pinpoint accuracy and scale AR objects according to real world positions and sizes.


Holograms is fancy name for bringing digital twins of the humans to your augmented reality apps. Digital twins could be produced as pre-recorded content (video or 3D) or AI driven sets designed to react on the users input.

Body Tracking

Tracking the human body in real-time with measurements, this type of tracking widely used in fashion industry. other applications include sport and entertainment industries

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Image Targets

Modern AR engines can detect predefined image patterns on different shapes and overlay content creatively. Several images can be detected at the same time.

Model Targets

Model Target technology capable to detect an object of the specific predefined shape. Those object can be scanned or loaded from CAD files and than mapped with AR content. Widely used in industrial application where content is connected to iOT data.

Area Targets

Ability to use physical environment as a target where AR content can be overlaid. This technology used in manufacturing and other industrial application. Environments are scanned using different LIDAR sensors and than brought into the application.

Foot Tracking

Ability to recognize human foot at different angles and overlay content.

Wrist Tracking

Ability to recognize human wrist and overlay content.

Background Segmentation

Ability to separate background from foreground objects.


Visual Positioning System provides you an accurate 3D targets from our real world , like buildings, statues etc. Using this technology objects can be precisely position right on the streets of different cities.

Sky Effects

Ability to detect the sky and use it as canvas for 3D or 2D overlays.

AR Hardware

A list of widely used devices for AR.

Mobile Devices

Still on a top of the list, most of AR experiences designed for mobile devices and used by them.


Tables provide user a bigger surface to discover AR and widely used at exhibitions and sales showrooms.

Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is VR and AR headset designed for immersive experience. Used for collaboration, education and training.


Microsoft HoloLens primarily designed for industrial and enterprise applications.


Nreal Air and Light designed for personal and social use.


Snapchat Spectacles designed for personal and social use.

Apple Vision Pro

Personal Mixed Reality headset for work and entertainment.

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